Sinusstøv Press

Dear visitor & friend. Our new album “Cellular” is presently available worldwide. Sinusstøv is a Danish electronica trio consisting of Claus Pedersen, Søren Friis Dam and Hannah Schneider. Sinusstøv blends unique electronica elements with catchy vocal lines. Together we create a sublime expression where the soft voice of Hannah Schneider clings around scratching and popping electronic music.

In general, the music can be described as electronica shaped in a new and different way. As it is important to us to have a unique sound and expression in our music, we have built up all the instruments from scratch starting with a sinusoidal wave only. Likewise, we have recorded all the samples ourselves after which they have been modulated and tweaked by either Claus or Søren. A few acoustical elements blend with the electronic rhythms and digital noise sounds, not as exotic features in the soundscape, but as elements that make the electronica more intensive and complex. If you want to know more about Sinusstøv, please visit